New Years

Today I realised that we have less than 6 weeks left in the new year. So right about now the average person is probably thinking, maybe even telling friends and loved ones all about their new years resolution.

These resolutions normally revolve around weight loss, starting the newest fad diet, getting that beach body you have always wanted or just getting fitter in general.

The problem with this is that this normality that we, as a society, have accepted always leads to one thing:

Average Results.

Nobody wants that now do they. This average way of thinking is what leads people to the exact same results year in year out.

Now if you want exceptional results and results that will last. Throw away the idea of your new years resolution and begin tomorrow. Commit to changing one thing with your lifestyle at a time and work on that one thing until it becomes a habit.

The Choice is yours, follow the crowd and enjoy average results or first thing tomorrow begin to change one thing at a time, commit to the long game and enjoy


Be Exceptional





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