Why not having “time” is not the reason you are out of shape, it’s just an excuse to justify what we really know.


Every one of us get exactly the same amount of time per week, 164 hours. Yet excuses, revolving around not having enough time or being too busy are constantly being used to avoid taking care of your health.

Lets Break it Down

In Australia, the national average work week is 40.6 hours per week.

If we assume you are getting the minimum recommended amount of sleep per night, which is 8 hours, that is another 56 hours per week.

When we add both of these numbers together it adds up to a grand total of 97 hours per week (rounded up).

This leaves us with 67 hours per week.

67 hours

And yet we still use the excuse of “oh I don’t have time to go to the gym ‘ or any other similar excuse.

Now yes I  understand there is other things that are important in life such as family time, hobbies, eating, travelling etc. However do you not also think that your health is important too?

The real reason you don’t want to exercise, take control of your nutrition is because you do not value your own health to find time in that 67 hours per week to take care of yourself.

-Increase in physical fitness levels allowing you to do more in your day to day life.

-Improving mental health by increasing self-confidence.

-Reducing the risk of behavioural related diseases.

But yet people still elect to undertake activities, such as watching TV, which do not have the same positive impact on our lives and then use the excuse that they cannot find the time to keep themselves in shape.

The one thing that society has to begin to realise is that our health is valuable, just like our time. However taking care of your health has the potential to give you more time whereas making excuses that you do not have time may leave you with even less time in the long run.

All it takes is 5 of those 67 hours per week to change your life and take back some of the time lost by using excuses such as “I don’t have time.”



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