Why Working Out is More than Just Sets and Reps.

More Sets.

More Reps.

More Volume.

Longer Sessions.

More Sessions.

Do you find yourself following these exact same steps because you just aren’t seeing the results you want to see? Chances are it’s not that you need to do more of the program you are doing, it may actually mean you need to re-evaluate your program and see whether it actually matches up to your needs and your wants.

Everyone wants to see results and everyone wants to see them now. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Especially if the issues or the goals you are trying to achieve are on the back of years of self neglect and putting your health and wellbeing second, it just won’t happen overnight. Yes you can go on strict diets, fitness regimes and get results quickly but this, as it’s called “low road approach” can actually set you back further from where you actually began.

So instead of just blindly adding more to your fitness regime, try taking a different approach and see how your body reacts to your current program, if you don’t feel great then maybe your body is telling you this type of training is not for you.




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