Our number 1 Tip for getting the results you want and Keeping Them!

First photo taken in March 2018 and the second taken in July 2018. These 2 clients lost over 30kg between them.

Coming towards spring and ultimately towards summer, we are starting to hear in the news and from the media outlets about these new fitness crazes, diets, supplements etc. that are promising to be the answer to weight loss and looking your best.

Unfortunately with the overwhelming amount of information on what works and what doesn’t people are often left confused and fall back onto old habits deciding that next year will be their year to shed those kilos or get into shape.

But what if there was a simple solution?

What if that solution was YOU?

The easiest way to decide on how you get into shape, lose some weight or get the body you desire is to ask yourself and decide off of the following questions:

  1. Is the exercise and diet i’m planning on doing fit into my lifestyle?
  2. Will i enjoy the exercise and diet?

If you can answer those 2 questions without hesitation or a reason to which you wouldn’t be able to, then perfect your set.

If you find yourself finding excuses and not being completely sold or you can’t answer those 2 questions positively then more than likely your plan may not go the way you wish and you should look at an alternative which would suit you as an individual.

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