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Why you need to commit long term to changes in your diet.

We see it all the time in society today, people taking up diets and sticking to them for about a month or two or people going  I’ll give it a crack for a month and see how I go, see what results I get and move on from there. Unfortunately this is where we hit a problem, what I want to discuss in today’s article why you have to look for the diet that will allow you to stick to it for the long term, that can give you the results you want over a longer period of time and how you have to have patience to be able to change the habits to which you have formed over the years.


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Fat Cells Grow and Multiply but only get smaller not less

So when we look at in terms of physiology,  when we look at fat cells, when we put on weight not only do the fat cells grow in number in the fact that we have more fat cells within the body they also grow in size. Unfortunately when we lose the weight the size of the fat cells decrease but the number of fat cells stays the same. What this means is that if we go on a diet and we reduce the size of the fat cells but then we revert back to our old ways of eating or the old lifestyle in that we had the old habits we will still have the same number of fat cells and that those fat cells will grow in size again and can even mean putting on more weight.

It’s all in the Habits

Another reason you want to commit to a diet for the long term is for the simple fact is you want to change habits and change the beliefs you hold so that you are to be able to stick to the way you were eating that gives you the results you want. What I mean by this is that our habits don’t just change overnight and they don’t change within a month as one of my mentors , Mark Buckley, says you must be the person you want to be to be able to do the things you want to do  to have the things you want to have. This is a great thing to live by because unfortunately only focusing on the things you need to do is  almost like a band-aid effect. Diets for example we always look at the thing we want to have which is usually weight loss, but we don’t actually look at changing the person, because if we change the person the do part becomes simple. A non smoker won’t stop smoking to not smoke they just don’t smoke because that’s the person they are, A smoker will have trouble stopping to smoke because they believe they are a smoker. See how being a different person changes the outcome of what they have? This is the same with any sort of lifestyle change or weight loss or whatever it might be you want to have you must change who you are.


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In conclusion dieting can be quite simple and easy and this is where a lot of the breakdown happens. My advice for anyone who’s looking to start a diet or is on a diet is really make sure you identify one that you can enjoy doing because at the end of the day the number one indicator of whether or not will stick to something is if we enjoy doing it.


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