Stress is Stress

Sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, this is the time we live in. More and more people are becoming numb to not only their feelings but also believing that there is a “good” stress and a “bad” stress. This is not the case, take exercise for example. Exercise can be a great stress for mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, unfortunately if we do too much or do it at too high of an intensity for too long that “good’ stress all of a sudden is detrimental for us.

The body does not differentiate stress. work, financial, exercise, personal life, family etc. all goes into the stress “bucket” and once that bucket overflows we start to run into problems whether it be illness, injury or our mental health starts to suffer.

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However its not all bad, stress can be good for us and allow us to improve and get better. A challenge is great for us but too much is not.  This Is why it’s important to look at the stress as your life as a whole and not just individual events that do not effect one another.

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