Why You should always choose enjoyment

Leading on from last weeks blog post on stress (Read here) and why it is important we take all stress into account, we also suggest focusing on the enjoyment of the activity you are undertaking.

People are always after the next big thing when it comes to dieting, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. However with all the information out there, what is “good” for us can often lead to us doing something we don’t necessarily enjoy because we may lose a lot of weight or such and such got awesome results from doing x y and z so therefore i need to be doing it.

But here is a question i would like to pose: Have you ever stuck with something you do not enjoy?

No, you wouldn’t have.

This is why enjoyment is so important, because if you want long term sustainable results you need to be able to commit to what you are doing and if you are not enjoying it then the chances of you sticking to a plan dramatically drops.

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So if you want to make a change and give yourself the best chance of sustaining those results over a long period of time then you need to do the things you enjoy doing.


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