Change is simple, but not easy.

It has come to our attention at MASS: that most people want to walk the walk and live a healthier life, they understand they will have more energy, they will be more productive at work and home, they will look and feel better about themselves, everyday life will become easier, however even though people know this there is still certain things that will hold them back.

1. Habits and previous conditioning
2. A fear to actually change and the pressure from family and friends not to change
3. Believing that going on another diet or 12-week challenge will work
4. Using being overweight as a deterrent
5. A belief that nothing will work for them
6. Time poor, believing they have no time to exercise or prepare food, easier and cheaper to eat takeaway.

So, if you find yourself talking the talk and are unable to live up to your expectation it could be as simple as discovering what the real outcome you are after is, then from here develop a plan to change what has been holding you back. To achieve and maintain the outcome you are after you must align yourself with the values and beliefs of that change.

For example, if we have a look at a smoker that is looking to quit, they must align themselves with the same environment and begin to change their beliefs to be more like what a non-smoker has.

This sounds really simple and can be applied to any sort of lifestyle change, however it is not as easy to actually put in place. This is where support and seeking help is great at helping you make these necessary changes to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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