Crushing your 2019 resolution or fading?

We are now a month into 2019 and we generally see one of two things when it comes to our new years resolutions:

  1. People are thriving and are making some amazing progress, getting the results they are after and are really enjoying the process.


2.  People start to really struggle, their old habits begin to kick in and the limiting self talk starts all over again and they start to head down the route of giving up for another year.

I get it, it can be hard to make changes to really live the lifestyle that makes us look amazing and really feel our best as there is always part of us in which we want to stay exactly where we are right now as it is comfortable and easy, But we don’t get what we really want by taking the easy route.

Having a chat with our mentor this morning, Mark Buckley, he made an awesome point which really suits those situations where we begin to make excuses for why we should fall back into old habits, he said:

“When we set a goal, we make a promise to ourselves to do what needs to be done in order to reach that goal every day. So when doubts begin to arise you need to make a choice, do you want to do what you are not in the mood to do but will help you reach that end point that you want or do you want to be a liar to yourself and take the easy way out?”

I love this because it really puts the focus back on whether we really want it or not. So when you start to make those excuses or start to look at the easy way out, just ask yourself these 2 questions and see how much easier it’ll be to stay on tr

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ack and really crush those goals.


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