What is keeping you stuck?

If you understand what is required for living a healthy life. Then you know:

• The food you need to consume
• The need to reduce alcohol intake
• The benefits of exercise
• The amount of sleep you require

So, if you know this how come you still:

• Eat to much or consume unhealthy food
• Drink too much alcohol
• Lead a sedentary life or over exercising
• Going to bed late and struggling to get up in the morning
The Question you need to ask yourself is what benefit am I gaining from living unhealthy live?

woman measuring her waist
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Benefit? But aren’t all those things listed negative?
Yes, they are, however each one of those habits will provide some form of instant gratification, leaving you with a sense of fulfillment.
So, if you have the understanding of what you should be doing, what keeps you stuck in these habit loops?
This is where you need to identify why you sabotage yourself, because if you understand why, you can then take steps to remove those blocks and start to instil better habits such as the ones we talk about at the top of the page, leaving you feeling positive and empowered.

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