3 focuses for in season sport

As we approach the beginning on seasons for sports such as football and netball a lot of players are rolling into the seasons in peak fitness. So with practice matches starting and the regular season not far away, I want to give you three things to focus on to keep you in tip top shape throughout the whole season:

1. Continue hitting the Gym

Strength training is usually the first thing we see fall by the wayside as soon as the season begins. Unfortunately this is the wrong way to go about it. Instead what you want to do is dial back the volume and really focus on strength and intensity work to be able to maintain strength levels throughout the season as we want to be as strong at the end of the season as we are at the start. Also incorporating mobility drills to assist with recovery is a key to keeping the body mobile and reduce the risk of injury.

2. Make Recovery a focus

This is key for during season as games place a huge load and toll on the body and if you do not recover properly, you will be well on your way to an injury. Now recovery does not have to be anything spectacular, remember the basics work. Think going for light walks multiple times throughout the week, getting plenty of good quality sleep and meditation are very efficient ways to allow the body to rest and recover between games.

3. Enjoy Good Quality, Nutritious food

Your Nutrition is crucial for recovery. The quality of the food you eat will directly impact how well you recover and be prepared for the game next week. If your food is poor then your body will not recover properly and you are at risk of poor performance, injury etc. Get good quality food however and you will find you recover quicker and you will also give yourself the best chance to have consistent performances.

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