Lifestyle Audit

Look around at the people you work and socialise with they have a wealth of knowledge on a wide and varied topic, however, they work and live in an environment where what is going on in your life is the norm and you are or have been rewarded for this. You are responsible for where you are today, yes you are a high achiever and you have been successful so now is the time to take stock and get life back on your terms.
So, let’s begin….
Step One
You must be totally honest with yourself, now that means we must take the time to look in the mirror and answer a few questions like.
What are my current:
· Priorities is it Work, Family or You, we need to be crystal clear on what is the most important thing to you,
· Energy levels, are you using coffee or energy drinks to get you through the day, feeling tired mid-afternoon.
· Stress levels, getting angry, frustrated, feel like you must do everything which leaves you wondering whether you oversee a kindergarten.
· Health concerns, do you constantly get migraines or headaches, have you put on a few extra Kilos, not feeling as fit or strong as you once did.
· Sleeping patterns, do you require a few glasses of wine to help you unwind, are you waking up feeling tired and like you haven’t slept.
These are just a few questions that you need to honestly answer, they let you discover where your lifestyle is currently at.

Step Two
Make a list of everything that you currently do in a week.
Once you have your list, highlight everything that you must and only you can do (now if your children are at an age where they can take the rubbish out do not highlight it), remember it is the jobs you must do, not the ones you believe that no one can do as well as you.
The highlight tasks are the non-negotiables, they are your jobs to do.
Now looking at your list, the tasks that are not highlighted whose jobs, are they?
Are you doing them because if someone else does, it might not be up to your standard or is it easier to just to do it. These tasks may only take a short amount of time until you add them all up and then you find the reason why you have no time or energy for you.
With the non-highlighted task, ask yourself, whose jobs, are they? If they are someone else’s job put their name beside it, if no ones, decide now whether it is a job you must do, or can you delegate it. Once you have completed your list you will have freed up some time for yourself, now be on guard to protect this time.
Step Three
Compare the answer in step one to step 2, you will have discovered
· What you are prioritising
· Where you are spending energy
· Where you are losing time
· What your lifestyle is like
Now revaluate,
· What are your priorities
o Family?
o Work?
o Health?
o Lifestyle?

Everything we do has one common factor and that is you, so it makes sense to prioritise you first, it will have a flow on effect to everything else we do.
You are responsible for where you are today, yes you are a high achiever and you have been successful, now what will that feel like when you have:
· More energy
· Increase in strength
· Improved mobility
· Improved sleep
· Reduced stress
So, I hope this helps you and if you would like to be coached in a way that improves and enhances your life please give Michael 0437 838 455 or Corey 0418 637 907 a call or hit us up on Facebook

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