Are you Self-Sabotaging?

We all want the best for our lives, to have good jobs, be fit and healthy and most importantly be happy.

But when we look at health and fitness, so many people are not happy with what they have and then can never seem to reach that goal no matter how many different professionals, diets etc. they try.

If you are one of these people, I want to ask you one question, are you self sabotaging your own health and happiness because it all seems to hard? or is it more comfortable to play the victim?

We generally see self sabotaging occur as soon as people begin to move in the direction and begin to see the results that they want to see. This sabotage can come in many shapes and forms, not setting your training/diet/recovery as much of a priority anymore, putting others first before yourself and even stopping trying to achieve your health and fitness goal all together.

If you find yourself doing any of the above sabotaging behaviours, then I want you to do one thing: Reconnect with why you want to be fitter and healthier and really delve deep into the feeling you will have from achieving this goal. If after this you still do not see yourself as the priority then maybe you need to reconsider your goal and the importance of it to you.

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