3 Weight loss tips to get you started today

Information around weight loss today can get quite confusing wherever you look whether it be the internet, the newspaper or magazines. That’s why today I want to put out three simple tips for anyone to follow if they are wanting to lose some excess weight.

1. Do Exercise that you enjoy

One of the most common things people look for is what exercise/s are going to make me lose the most weight quickly. Unfortunately this is very much a low road approach and can lead to unsustainable approaches which don’t last in the long term. The key for weight loss is to be consistent with your exercise, this means doing the exercises you enjoy.

2. The choice of diet does not matter as long as it fits your lifestyle

At the end of the day every single diet you see for weight loss comes down to one simple aspect, put less calories in then what you are burning. Therefore if you do want to choose a diet which suits you because you are a person who needs a plan to follow, then choose one that fits your lifestyle. For example, if you are someone who does not like to eat a lot of food in the morning and finds it hard to do so, intermittent fasting might work really well for you.

3. Understand the stories you are telling yourself

The number 1 hardest thing to overcome while trying to lose weight is yourself. our habits are our number 1 downfall and the stories that we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better when we undertake those habits are also holding us back. That’s why we need to go deep into understanding why we do what we do. A lot of the time it can be to do with stress and pleasure, as in we use food as a type of reward to give ourselves gratification. Whatever it may be you need to get down to the root of the cause before you can start to understand and break down your habits.

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