If you want something different, you need to do things differently.

It’s one of the easiest sounding statements, but one of the hardest to execute. Even once you begin to change the way you do things, it can still remain quite challenging.

Experiencing this myself has opened my eyes to how rewarding going after what you want and making that change can be. 3-4 months ago I decided I needed to pick my life up and move from Gippsland to the sunny shores of South East Queensland, to further my career as a coach and live the lifestyle that I wanted to live.

This was a difficult period as it involved closing down our gym which we had been working on for 18 months, being away from the love and support of my girlfriend for a short period of time and having the challenge of starting a new job as well as finding a house to live in. To say the stress levels rose was an understatement.

However the biggest reward of this experience is everything I do from now on is aligned with the life I want to lead, with the people I want to live it with. This is why, when we coach clients, we dive deep into understanding exactly what they want, the outcomes they want to have. Once we have this deep level of understanding we can help them remove the blocks and allow them to also make the hard decision of making changes to allow them to have the things they say they want to have because then they can take the actions that are on line with what they want to have.

Once you reach this level where you are moving forward towards living the life you want with the people that you care and want to enjoy life with.

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