Motivation: What is it and How do we get it

When it comes to improving your health, whether it be going to the gym, running, eating well, getting in the right amount of recovery etc. motivation seems to come up regularly as a stumbling block.

In my experience, this comes down to that motivation is viewed as almost like a phenomenon in which some people just have it and other people have to be pushed and have someone else keep them accountable.

I believe this view needs to be changed.

The definition of motivation is: A reason or reasons for acting in a particular way.

That’s it, literally everyone who wants to make a change to their health and wellbeing has motivation.

The belief I have is that people do not struggle with motivation, it’s that people struggle with understanding what their why is, why do they need to exercise, why do they need to eat a certain way and the feeling of having achieved the goals they set out for themselves.

So if you are struggling with motivation, reconnect with exactly why you are doing the things you are doing, what is the outcome you want and what feeling is connected with achieving that outcome.

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