Choosing what works best for you is the crucial decision in choosing your diet

Diets are a constant topic in the fitness industry nowadays. What diet is best for fat loss is an argument which is all too common. If you didn’t see our post yesterday you can check it out below and what I want to lead on from that is the number one focus you should have when choosing a diet.

Straight off the bat i’d like to straighten out one point, in terms of weight loss, it does not matter what diet you choose, they all put you into a calorie deficit if you stick to them.

Therefore, in terms of weight loss, the only decision you need to make and decide on is which diet suits your lifestyle.


Because the number 1 indicator of achieving your fitness goals is adherence. So when deciding on which diet is best for you, you need to look at 3 aspects.

  1.  How do you like to eat?
  2.  What foods do you enjoy eating?
  3.  Which diet suits your lifestyle?

In my opinion, the third one is the most important, because if you choose a diet which is hard to stick to due to your lifestyle, this will actually cause an increase in stress levels and put more strain on the body which will eventually lead to you collapsing on your diet.


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