Congruent: What is it and why is it important?

The definition of Congruent is to be in agreement or harmony. This is vital in health and fitness especially if you want to achieve your end goal or your point B.

The most important aspect of any sort of goal setting is to make sure you are able to achieve congruency with what you set out to achieve. Chances are if you are seeing a lack of results or aren’t achieving the exact goal you set out to achieve, you are not being congruent.

For Example, someone who wants to lose weight puts time aside for exercising, preparing their meals that serve them as well as identifying and changing habits which does not align with what they want to achieve. This is being congruent.

Not being congruent would look like, choosing to watch Netflix instead of exercising, relying on supplements and restricting your diet to the point of being unenjoyable and unsustainable as well as not changing the habits that are keeping you stuck.

If you find yourself telling yourself that it is impossible to achieve what you want to achieve, whether it be weight loss, increase performance in your chosen sport or increase in strength, then it may be because you are not being congruent with those goals.

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