Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Don’t get me wrong, we all love being comfortable. There’s no pressure when we are comfortable and we know we are guaranteed to enjoy the experience when we are comfortable.

Unfortunately, change does not happen when we are comfortable.

Change can only occur when we change what we are doing and changing what we are doing is uncomfortable because it is something unknown and something we are not used to doing.

However, if change is required to reach your goal and being uncomfortable is inevitable how can we stay committed?

In my Opinion there are 2 steps:

  1. Get super clear and set goals that are achievable and something that gets you excited and ready for change, something that is worth being uncomfortable for.
  2. Trial and test different exercise methods, recovery modalities, ways of eating etc. and see what works for you. The goal here is to find something enjoyable.

Being uncomfortable is temporary and that’s the number 1 thing I want you to think about when making a change. you have to weigh up, does the pleasure of your goal outweigh the temporary experience of being uncomfortable?

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