Why do we Self Sabotage?

The definition of self-sabotage is when a behaviour creates problems in out lives and interferes with long standing goals.

So let’s take a look at this in terms of weight loss. Self-sabotaging behaviours may include, overconsuming calories in terms of eating extra comfort foods after a long day at work, option for take out instead of cooking and preparing your own meals etc. It may also include skipping out on training or not giving yourself enough time for recovery after gym sessions.

So if we know these behaviours aren’t driving us towards your goal, why do we do them?

When it comes to weight loss we usually see the following two with our clients:

1. They self sabotage because they aren’t enjoying the foods they eat and have restricted their diet

2. The stories we tell ourselves on what we deserve and why we can’t have the things we want.

Once we can identify the reason why we self sabotage, the closer we are to being able to prevent self sabotage.

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