Jordan Sandeman

  • Has Lost over 10kg since joining MASS: in February.
  • Has more confidence than he ever has which has also led to a clearer mindset
  • Is able to move better and run out games of footy.


Jon Allen


“Just over 3 years ago I started a new hobby racing vintage motocross. Fell in love with it instantly, and couldn’t wait for each round of racing.
About a year and a half ago I injured my left knee doing something other then motorbike riding, but the injury was fairly debilitating. I kept on racing through the injury, but it effected my riding quite badly. I couldn’t stand up on the bike for the jumps and rough parts of the tracks, which of coarse slowed me down, and took the fun out of it.
With the injury I gained some weight, and became lethargic, it effected my every day life and working life.
Through some friends I was put on to the guys at MASS. I got in contact with Mick, Corey and Sue, and spoke to them about my injury and how it had effected my hobby and my life in general. Mick worked through some goals that I wanted to achieve, such as bringing the strength back in to my knee, strengthen my back and core for my riding, and generally lose a bit of weight to improve life in general.
Mick and the team built some programs and workouts to hit my goals, and now 7 months later, I have never been so strong and confident within myself for as long as I can remember.
Through their training, life advice, diet advice, (which is just as simple as getting back to basics and eating real food! Not processed!) I have turned a corner with my body and mind.
Best of all, my riding has improved, and I feel very comfortable on my bike again.
One thing I have noticed the most, is how every day tasks, and even work tasks have become easier. Simple things as just walking up stairs, which used to be a real struggle with the knee injury, are not a concern at all, just about leap up them now.
So anyone out there that is looking to improve your body and mind, improve your body movement and strength, and just to start feeling good within yourself again, get in contact with the guys at MASS, you will not be disappointed, they have changed my life!!

Thank you Mick, Corey and Sue.”