A good workout isn’t determined by the pool of sweat left on the gym floor.

The amount of sweat you produce during your workout doesn’t equate to how good or how hard your workout was, it simply means that your body was trying to regulate your temperature pure and simple. Any workout that you undertake should be designed to assist you in reaching your goals. To determine whether your workout was good, all you need to is ask yourself these simple questions

  1. Was the workout aimed at my goals,
  2. Did I fell energised from the workout,
  3. Was the exercises undertaken functional,
  4. Am I still capable of performing (chosen sport or even everyday tasks) after my workout.

These are just a few questions you should judging your workout on, At MASS when we design a program we use these very questions so that we can determine whether we are providing the best chance for our clients to reach their goals.

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