Step into spring and get fit with these Three tips

With Spring just under a week away and summer fast approaching, the time for coming out of winter hibernation and shedding off those extra couple of kilos in preparation for the months ahead is here.

Read on for our easiest three tips to getting back into shape and looking your best for those summer beach days or getting fit to go out and enjoy nature as the warm weather approaches.

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Lift something heavy

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Strength training is a necessity in any fitness regime or program. Improving strength will lead to:

  • Increase in bone density which will decrease the risk of injury such as breaks as well as reducing the risk of long term health diseases such as osteoarthritis.
  • Building muscle which can help with a whole range of things from being able to get through the work day easier to reducing the risk of injury from chasing the dog or your kids around the backyard after a long day of sitting down in a chair at work.
  • Improve confidence levels due to change in body composition as well as the satisfaction of being able to see improvements in strength levels as the weights increase on the bar. This leads to a sense of achievement and makes sticking to your program a hell of a lot easier.

Get Outside and back to nature

Exercise does not have to be hard or strenuous. Even going for a 30 minute walk can have great effect at increasing your cardiovascular health and improving your aerobic capacity. As well as the physical effects getting outside can also have great psychological benefits such as reducing stress levels as well as getting exposure to vitamin D from the sun. Undertaking light activities in correlation with more strenuous activities such as the gym is great for also switching between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems which really allows our bodies to recover and be able to better handle the stress of work, family and financial stressors you may have.

Some great ideas for these types of activities could be walking, jogging, swimming, going for a leisurely bike ride or even going for a round of golf or playing a game of tennis. whatever it may be make sure it is something you enjoy and something that won’t add more unwanted stress to your routine.

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Eat Fresh

The beautiful thing about spring is that fresh produce is more readily available and all the fruit and vegetables we tend to enjoy eating begin to come into season. When it comes to eating fresh the best way to go about it is to go to your local farmers markets or if your area has local famers selling at their farm gate and buy their local produce. This way you know what you are getting is fresh and you are also giving back to the local community by purchasing from your local producers.

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